Primera Bravo Lighter Print on Hub

Is there a way to make the CDs or DVDs more consistent? The color changes drastically closer to the hub. Possible to sustain the same color across the surface of a full face CD or DVD?

Depends on the media, not the printer. Most hub printable media is lighter on the hub because there is no reflective layer in the disc there. Some is worse than others. Even non-hub-printable can have a band of lighter color near the hub for the same reason.

Is there full face CDs made that have a very small white band around them or none at all? What media have you had luck with in reducing the visibility?

I use nothing but TY and Verbatim printable discs. I don’t get bothered much by this issue, but it helps if you can avoid printing dark colors near the hub.

You can get sample packs, like these.

Thanks so much for the info. I think I might grab a couple of these packs and try them out. I am stuck with a rather dark print project. I can’t really steer clear of it. I hope I can find some media in which this won’t be as big of an issue as it is currently.

Definately it’s the media. Use Taiyo Yuden and forget about this happening.

If I use the Taiyo Yuden media, will they work well with lighter print projects? I have to be honest, that white band of plastic around the hub on these full face CDs are killing me. Especially with the lighter print projects. I heard about a set of media made by Primera that offers a full print surface. Supposedly, the print surface extends all the way to the hub with no transparency created by the stacking ring. I ordered a set so I’ll tell you how it goes after I get them. I want to grab some Taiyo Yuden’s as well. Which do you recommend for on CD Inkjet printing?

Hi I was wondering if you did order the media from primera that offered a full print surface without transparency? And if so did you like them and would you recommend? thanks