Primera and Imation announce water-resistant printable media

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 Primera® and Imation(TM)  Announce the World's First Water-Resistant Inkjet-Printable CDs and  DVDs New TuffCoat(TM) with AquaGuard(TM) surface  CD and DVD recordable media are protected...
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OK, so the inkjet printable surface is A1, my only concern is how good the media is. What good is a water proof printable surface if the media code / media is cheap and not TY or MCC.

I also wonder how this affects the longevity of the data stored upon these discs. Could such a protective coating offer any protection against long periods of humidity, that can be a cause of DVD rot.

Well, , ,ain’t that nice… Now if we could only get a disc that is (Waterproof, Scratch resistant, and Rot proof) Then that would be real News! :d

rot proofing - i doubt it for DVD - rotting for DVDs occurs when moisture seeps through the adhesive -> it’s structure is a sandwich - but for CD it might be a benefit. If it’s waterproof - how long does the ink take to dry? and how does the ink get through?