Primeon MBI 01RG40 (Lightscribe Color Mix)

type: DVD-R 16x, Lightscribe v 1.2, 25x-spindle

This media is particularly interesting for Lightscribers :wink: I bought a couple, but haven’t been able to do quality testing on them - my burner refuses to, the 1st time I’ve been able to burn but not test the media :confused: My scan wouldn’t be fit for comparison in this forum anyway (Sony/NEC Optiarc AD-7173A). But I’d like to have a general idea.

Any scans? :cop:

Welcome to the forum, kaput! :slight_smile:

You can run a Transfer Rate test on your Optiarc, they’re good drives for that :slight_smile:

My Optiarc seemed to have more odd problems with these disks at first, I’ve updated the firmware and burning at 12x seems to produce good results, as far as I can tell by the read spead graphs in DVDInfo and Nero. Should be decent media, although certainly not top notch.

Verbatim seems to have something similar

It doesn’t identify the MID but it says “AZO” on the package so I assume it’s some class of MCC. These will feature highly in my next orders for DVDs.

Yes, I’ve got my sights on those, too. But they’re harder to stumble upon and always come in small package sizes - I wonder why.

The Primeon DVD-R colors are pastel-like versions of Primeon’s strongly colored CD set, ~3 shades lighter but with a more glossy finish - elegant.