PrimeOn DVD+RW X4

I’ve juste bought the @

Specification is X4 but media code is RICOHJPNW01.
my liteon 811 (hsop) only wants to burn them @ x2.4.

The media supplied with the 811 is a RICOHJPNW11.

Will I be abble ton write my RICOHJPNW01 @4X one day ?

For future reference SmartBurn will tell you the maximum supported speed on any media you have (find the link in my Tools guide found in my sig).

But I can let you know right now that media is only rated for a max of 2.4x.

Regarding the possibility of writing it at a higher speed, it is possible to modify the firmware to allow it. I’ve never done it myself but other’s have.
Read through this thread for details.
But burning at higher then rated speeds may not always give good results so make sure to scan the disc when writing at 2.4x and when writing at 4x to compare. I wouldn’t recommend trying to burn 2.4x media at 8x though. It proabably wouldn’t work very good.

Thanxx for your answer.
How come those medias can be sold as X4 as they are only X2.4 media ???

If they were selling them as 4x media you got ripped off.
Did the packaging say 4x?

yes they are printered X4 just watch the link :wink:

The link magically changed after my first post so I didn’t notice :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I have the same problem. I also bought them at Nierle.

I wrote them an email but they did not answer.

Then I wrote a mail to PrimeOn. They did not believe me and told me to send the media in. They promised appropriate replacement.

This was the reply from PrimeOn:

Hallo Herr ,

wir sind ehrlich gesagt verwundert über die von Ihnen geschilderte Reklamation und können Ihren Unmut sehr gut nachvollziehen. Bitte geben Sie uns die Möglichkeit das Sie das Produkt an uns einschicken und nennen uns Ihre Bezugsquelle. Wir werden dann umgehend eine Prüfung veranlassen und selbstverständlich erhalten Sie von uns eine entsprechende Austauschsendung für Ihre Mühe. Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung !

PRIMEON Digital Media GmbH
Carl-Metz-Str. 11a
76185 Karlsruhe

I wonder who printed the labels right on the disc itself? That’s blatent false advertising! :frowning:

I’ve seen stores try and pass off discs that don’t having anything printed on the tops as higher rated media, but never media that says it’s a certain speed right on the disc itself when it isn’t rated that high!

Originally posted by hiscan_bmk
yes they are printered X4 just watch the link :wink:

Yeh, I shouln´t trust that.! :slight_smile:

Check the “MEDIAINFORMATION” below the picture:

Media code/Mfr ID: RITEK 004
Media type: DVD+RW
Media Id Code Speed: unknown
Current Drive Speed: 2.4x 3324KBs

How can this be RICOHJPNW01? [Real messup.] :confused:

BTW Ssseth, where is the magic…, have you got any sleep?

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No, it’s bed time right now. I only got 3 hours sleep yesterday, dang shift work! :frowning:

About the magic remark, he changed the link after I read his post so I was making an apparently unfunny joke about it.

Time for our daily “hand off” again, you seem to show up just before I go to sleep on my night shifts. :bigsmile:

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Originally posted by Ssseth
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Time for our daily “hand off” again, you seem to show up just before I go to sleep on my night shifts. :bigsmile:
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I just came home from my work. Friday, we finish earlier…


OK OK shame on me :wink: i’ve changed the link !!!
It’s seems that some users reports RITEK 004 while other reports RICOHJPNW01.

I think primeon is not clear with this disc…:frowning:

Where can I write to them ? <>