Primeon DL discs - Yea or nay?

I’m looking for some DL BDR’s as a first time buyer, to make backups of my (expensive) music blurays. My drive is an LG GGW-H20L with YL07 fw. I’ve used it with SL discs in the past, and some (Traxdatas my wife bought me along with the drive) are now unreadable after a couple of years.

I’ve seen Primeon full-face printable DL discs for sale at what appears to be a decent enough price. I’ve never heard of this brand, though it seems well known on this site. According to an answer on Amazon, the dye used in these discs is Rytek-DR3-000 and the Primeon modele numbers are PRIM 2761311 (£16.78 for 10) and PRIM 2761312 (£17.15 for 10).

What is the general opinion of the Ritek-DR3-000 dye, regarding archive compatibility? If they are meh, what other affordable discs should I be looking for?

RiCrap is not really recommended for anything.
For actual archive purposes you should rather look at MDiscs, or Panasonic BD-Rs, but Panasonics are out of production and hard to get for reasonable prices.
Better alternative for RiCrap would be VERBATIMf discs, available e.g. as Mediarange MR508 25-pack. 10-packs are available as well.