Prime DVD+R DL DVDs - 50-Pack - $36.95

Prime DL DVDs at Geeks

According to VideoHelp, these are RITEK D01s.

Thank you, but NO thank you.

more frisbees for my dog

Hmmm…RITEK D01 I still have over 200 disc :doh:
Sony - TDK - Memorex brand :bigsmile:

Time to toast them, hmmm, I mean burn them, hmmm, I really mean use them

I wonder if they are made in Taiwan? (faked)?

I wouldn’t fake Ritek D01 if I am the fake media maker

Permaked “coaster”

I did one Memorex but can’t read 2nd layer with my 1655 BCIC :slight_smile:
outwear very good ( 1st layer ) underwear ( 2nd layer ) always very hard strip down PIF and PIE :bigsmile: also read Error

Well, people do fake the Ricoh DL media and they aren’t much better than Ritek DL.

lemme wrap it up so people wont throw money way buying garbage
These DL media are pretty much useless, burn your money in the furnace is a better spend since you can get something out of it and save eletricity in the winter than buying these media. I have 5 Ridata DL media (Ritek premium, cough cough premium cough cough). All coastered.