Primax colorado 9600 scanner and xp

does anyone know if its possible to get this scanner working with xp?

i can get win2000/nt drivers but they dont work, i know scanners are not that expencive but i would rarther not go and buy a new one as ill only use it once or twice a year.

any help would be appreciated.

xmas cheers acko

Did you try this:

Says on Primax’s website, they don’t support XP.

yes m8 i already tried the ones at, i read about one somewere that said it worked with xp but i couldn`t get it to work for me.

xmas cheers acko

The advice seems to be the standard - if you can’t find an XP driver, try a Win2000 driver. - this link is from the front page of the primax site.
The procedure seems a little odd?

thanks for the in-put matth, i did try that a bit ago but things didnt work like there instructions ill give it another go maybee with sp2 it might work this time.

xmas cheers acko

i tried the install again as per instructions here but when i do step 3 the pft7~tmp folder is empty and it should contain the OT1 drivers. like intructed.

NOTE: The “pft…” folder must contain a folder called “OT1Drivers”. and i can`t seem to find them anywere, anyone got anymore ideas?.

xmas cheers acko

I tried just about everything but could not get the primax 9600 to work under windows xp.

I then tried installing winxp service pack 2 and the scanner worked fine with the exception that taskbridge could not preview (but the actual scan worked as required).


so sorry but you will never scan with XP for a primax colorado9600 !!!