Primary slave or secondary master?

i have a SATA HDD so i have 2 open IDE ports on my motherboard. i have 2 dvd writers, a BenQ DW1640 and Pioneer DVR-111D (at DVR-111L TDB MCSE).

i currently have it set so my DVR-111 is my primary master and my DW1640 as my primary slave. i think i did this because i didnt want 2 IDE cables running in my case (for better airflow). i VERY rarely use both drives at the same time. would it make any noticeable difference if i made my DW1640 my secondary master instead of primary slave?

Put each drive on a different ide cable and mount them as master.

And that is because…?

Because in this way each drive have its own IDE channel available and you will avoid any bottleneck in data transfer.

Even if you rarely use both drives at the same time, this is, in my opinion, the better performing solution.

Ditto, do what Chef says “live long and prosper”.

PS/ If you have a Dell dude, some models will only run master on the primary master IDE channel. If that is the case put your Pio on the primary master and your other drive on the secondary master.

When desiring a drive to be master or slave, does it depend or matter if you connect to the IDE cable end or middle?

Certainly can do. I’d always connect slave to the middle & master the end.

I’m not sure how that works. Does the drive default to slave if attached in the middle and to master if attached at the end if no jumpers are used? But it can be overidden with jumpers?

In ye olden dayes of crappy hard drives and crappy 40-wire cables, I used to run some rather anemic CD burners on separate IDE channels, both set as master, both all by themselves.

This produced less coasters.

Now…now (now being, for quite a few years) I have two 16x DVD’s on the same 80-wire IDE cable with no problems.

And it never mattered where master/slave was on a cable, at least in my machines.

Jumpers override all.

If the drives are both set to cable select, the drive connected to the middle plug will be slave, master at the distal plug.

If you use an 80 wire IDE cable(that should be requisite for all drives in any system), then you MUST have the master at the end of the cable.

If you look at the 80 wire cable near the end you will see the gap in one of the wires indicating that the drive is at the end rather than the middle. With cable select, it would never work if the placement wasn’t critical.

Master at end, slave in the middle, and always use 80 wire cable.