Primary... Slave... master... what?

I nmeed to mtkflash my drive, but i have no idea what to but in for the ‘x’ value in the command line.

‘x’ can be

  1. Primary Master
  2. Primary Slave
  3. Secondary Master
  4. Secondary Slave

If this helps this is how the inside of my comp looks…

There are 2 drives, the one on top is the one needing to be flashed

The end of the ribbon cable is attached to that drive. If we follow the ribon cable twoards the mother board, the 2nd drive is attached to the ribbon cable too. (Between the top drive and the motherboard) and there are 2 power chords obviously attached to each drive…

Thanks in advance

Ryan M. Cullan

Run Nero InfoTool abd it’ll tell you which is which. The position on the cable is not always a reliable indicator.

u can check the jumper setting on your drive…