Primary reader - Plextor DVDR or Plextor CDRW



I have the Plextor PX-708A on preorder, and hopefully will be getting it soon. It will be accompanying my Plextor Premium CDRW in my computer. One drive will be master of the Primary IDE channel, the other the master of the secondary IDE channel. (My hard drive is SATA which is on its own channel).

Here is my question: Which do you think I should use as the primary reader?

The Plextor DVDR only reads CDs at 40x,and this is fast enough for me. I assume it will also have good DAE performance like its predecessor and would be a good source for reading CDs - plus some games are coming out on DVD. On the other hand, I do not want to put too much wear on this drive since it is a rather expensive DVD drive. And, I am thinking my Plexwriter Premium may be better for dealing with original copy protected CDs, which seem to give some readers problems.

I guess what I’m asking is, what do you guys think I should use as my primary reader? The Plex Premium CDRW which doesn’t read DVD, but reads CD faster and probably better than the DVDR, or the DVDR which reads both CDs and DVDs great? Remember in my case both will be on their own IDE channel so that doesn’t really matter. Thanks :slight_smile:


I would personally use the Premium drive. I have this drive and the Plextor PX-504A DVD-recorder and from the two the Premium is clearly a better reader. Of course, when reading DVD you will have to use the DVD-recorder but for CDs I’d use the CD-RW drive. When you use the Premium drive without SpeedRead enabled it will read at 40x and produce much less noise and vibrations so I personally never enable it…


Well I got my 708A and put the PlexWriter premium as the reader. Popped the 708’s installation CD into the premium, and it couldn’t read it. (Why do manufs always have such crap application CDs?) Though the 708A read it fine. So 708A might not be so bad of a reader afterall :wink:


You sure that installation disc wasn’t a DVD disc? :stuck_out_tongue: