Primary IDE Channel Burner Always Lags in Multi- Burns

The problem I am having is that any burner I put on my Primary IDE channel always starts burning after my other burners, which about 20% of the time results in unnacceptabley high error rates when the read position for the other drives in Nero exceeds 99%. The initial lag when the burn starts is usually from 20%- 80%. When it’s starts over 50%, the burn is hosed.

My setup: I have put both my hard disks on an 0680 IDE card and have one DVD burner on the Primary MB IDE, one on the Secondary channel, one in an external firewire enclosure ,and one on a second 0680 IDE card – all LiteOn 832s. (This setup is giving really excellent quality individual burns.) The Liteon 832 is the only device on the Primary channel. Pentium 4 2800, no overclocking & 1 Gig ram.

I have tried swapping different burners on the Primary channel, but the result is always the same – that burner starts to burn several seconds later than the others. When I exclude that burner from the burn and only run the 3 others, they are always in sync. So I am convinced this has something to do with the Primary IDE chain. The burns are very good, but the burner on Primary always starts late.

I checked voltage and there is no sign of fluctuation during the burns. (400 watt supply) The drives all show as having DMA enabled. I tried setting the Mo Bo Bios to manual settings for drive contol on my Asus P4P800 MB, but that made no difference from when they were set to “auto.”

Could this be the result of some sort of glitch in the Asus P4P800? It occurs to me that I could just take the 4th burner off the Primary chain and put it in another external firewire enclosure, but that is just a work around.

Could this be th result of a faulty MO BO? I am wondering if this is the first sign of deterioration.