Primary Drive 0 not found

Hi, this is probably a very basic question for you guys, but I just recently got a dvd burner so I’m having some problems.

My Setup: Dell 8300 Series, BIOS Version A02 Windows XP SP1
I have an existing CD/RW Burner: HL-DT-ST CD-RW-GCE-8483B
that’s on “cable select”
& my Hard drive is using a blue SATA cable to connect it.

I just installed a SONY DVD RW-DW-U18A as my primary drive but I get “Primary Drive 0 not found” everytime I boot up, I had its jumper set to “cable select”

In my BIOS it says the following:
SATA Primary Drive - Hard Drive
SATA Secondary Drive - OFF
Primary Master Drive - Unknown Device
Primary Slave Drive - OFF
Secondary Master Drive - CD-RW
Secondary Slave Drive - OFF
IDE Drive - UDMA

I change the setting for primary master drive in my BIOS to automatically detect but still remains “unknown”. How do I fix these problems? The drive works perfectly in windows and it’s recognized and everything in device manager but the BIOS won’t recognize it.

Also are there any firmware updates for my model that I should be installing?

Thanks once again for any help you can offer.

I’m not sure if I read your post correctly. If you have one of your two P-ATA channels unoccupied, you can use your new Sony U18A either as Primary Master or Primary Slave. Master is preferred if you use only one drive for the channel. In that case, set your Sony U18A jumper as “Master” and that’s all you have to do. It seems you chose “Cable Select” instead.