Primal Interactive Series CDs



Hi I have a Primal Interactive Software CD: Complete Human Anatomy that’s defintely protected… I’ve gone through all those cd/dvd protection detectors but i’ve only gotten one good response which is:

Burnout: SafeDisc 3.2-4(version remove

and thats all that shows on the screen,

I’ve tried to read it with alcohol and clonecd with the profiles for safedisc but 1. it reads really slowly and a cd may take a whole night, and has lotsa read errors which is expected for the type of protection…

any suggestions t get a working copy of this cd? any help or links again will be appreciated, thanks!

here’s the link for the cds… this shows the dvd version but i have the 9 CD set, not the dvd.


Just be patient and let the reading process complete. Read errors are normal and are part of the protection.

Don’t worry about the process being slow at first. The unreadable sector are all in the first ~10,500 sectors (~3% of a full cd) and once reading of that area has completed the remainder of the disc will only take a few minutes to read.


Do you know which disc is protected? Can you cross check burnout’s results with protection id scanning the protected .exe on the disc or in the installation folder as pid may find the exact safedisc version?
The read errors are part of the protection as you already mentioned some drives skip these errors fast some can’t do this seems like your drive is one of these.

[I]edit: posted in the same minute as philamber so don’t be confused[/I]


yeap tried protection id but besides burnout, no other identifier detected any protection according to them (neither did protection id detect anything)… I’m pretty sure I ran em correctly too … edit i haven’t tried running it on the install directory (if there is one) so i’ll have to go and install the software

I tried burning the image I made, tried turning on emulations from alcohol as well as daemon tools… i haven’t tried to load the actual image directly into daemon tools cause that can’t be an option (to burn the actually image onto disc)…

edit i think all of the cds are protected… i’ve only tried reading one disc, will try others later…


here’s the log from protection id:

-=[ ProtectionID v5.2c ]=- © CdKiller & [x/xxx]
Build 12-02-2007…
> Ready

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Primal Pictures\Interactive Foot and Ankle 2\ifoot2.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 2267789 (0229A8Dh) Bytes
-> File has 844429 (0CE28Dh) bytes of appended data starting at offset 015B800h
[!] Safedisc v2/v3/v4 [unknown version] detected !

  • Scan Took : 0.672 Seconds

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Primal Pictures\Interactive Foot and Ankle 2\ifoot2.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 2267789 (0229A8Dh) Bytes
-> File has 844429 (0CE28Dh) bytes of appended data starting at offset 015B800h
[!] Safedisc v2/v3/v4 [unknown version] detected !

  • Scan Took : 0.828 Seconds


Follow philamber’s advice for the protected disc which should be just one of the nine and probably is the one which has to be in the drive when you start your program. Getting a working physical backup of SafeDisc 3/4 version is very rare and hardware dependent. Use Alcohol and this guide.


Ok I used alcohol using the safedisc 2/3/4 profile to read the cd and then burn it on 4x. Seems okay, just needed some daemon tools emulation to get the copy working…

All 9 discs are protected (just my luck) and that section error read takes about 1 hour sigh…

The whole process will take 18 hours ~ to copy and burn…

But at least it sorta worked… Thanks!


here;sa link to te exe file


The application is protected with Safedisc 2.90.040


Hello everyone. I read really carefully everyone’s comments about these CD’s… But still I haven’t bypassed the safedisc protection. I was wondering what can I do to decypher the ICD, or if there’s any other way to do it. I’m almost graduating in Physical Therapy and this collection would really help me out. Thanks in advance.



Another question: Does the burning on 4x or less with cloneCD, alcohol or blindread, with those specific profiles, remove the safedisc protections?


No one can help me?? :frowning:


^ See here and, no, burning at 4x does [B]not[/B] remove copy protections.


Thank you philamber, I really appreciate it! I will follow your advise. One more thing, There are a few discs that are protected with safedisc V1… If I do what you told me to, it will solve it?



^ There is no safedisc VI. Safedisc 4.8x is the highest version released to date.

In addition, successful copying of safedisc protected cds is dependent upon the capabilities of your hardware. Further, different methods are needed with dvds.


philamber needs glasses ? :wink: Multibanco mentioned version 1, not VI. SD 1 is easy to copy and not really hardware dependent since this version is not using ‘weak’ sectors.

More off topic: Safedisc 4.90 is the latest version and can be found on a couple of games published by Sega.


Hey bee. (giggle) yeah, I was mentioning the v1… I was able to burn it you know, but it still gives me the “Insert correct CD on drive”. How can I bypass this? I tried Dumpers but they are all for Windows 98… :confused:


Safedisc 1 is still hardware dependent but the requirements are very low.

Anything that can read and write in a raw mode (any raw mode) can cope with safedisc 1. :slight_smile:


Yeah… I actually made it with safedisc 1 and 2. I was able to burn them. But my real question here is how to kill the “Insert correct CD-ROM” message… you know what I mean?


This is the real help I need… Bypass the .ICD file that checks the numbers and doesn’t let me work with primal pictures.