Pricing of Benq1620

Maybe this won’t produce anything and is just me trying to order my thoughts, or maybe I will get some very helpful feedback that will help me make up my mind!

Anyways. As of this moment, has a Benq1620 retail for $62.99. However with, free shipping and and a $10 Mail-in Rebate, the total is $52.99. (How many stories I’ve read about MiR though!) That leads to the thought that the software cd version shown in the pic is v1.0, with Sonic Recordnow. With the mass Nero following, how good is it (meaning should I just keep it since I’m not planning anything fancy?)? Because a Nero cd would cost say $5-6, totaling $59 for the package.

The OEM black on newegg (yes, I want black) is also $59, coming with Nero already so I thought I might as well get retail and have the cable already.

Hmm… reading over what I just typed seems retail is more reasonable at the moment. But is $59 a good price anyway? Should I wait for newegg to to change prices again (which they seem to love to do, just watching the Benq1620 this last week. My greatest fear right now is that they’ll switch prices again before I decide on this!).

I must hold out against my temptation for the Benq1625. Or maybe not? How fast will the prices fall (yes, yes, I know, there’ll just be estimates but some better then none, eh?)? I’ve seen $89.99 (after $30 rebate) without searching for very long. The Lightscribe looks like it could be nice (if done well). I don’t exactly need a DVD burner urgently, but I would like to have one. However, Lightscribe disks are more expensive to begin with.

I don’t think I’ll start on media for the moment (get this straightened out first) but I’ve heard Taiyo-Yuden (of course, Fuiji MIJ) and Ritek, correct? And I don’t think these are manufacturers but Maxell and Verbatim?

Aaaaah! So little research and so many opinion questions and weird parentheses. I’m sorry for my ramblings, but any comments welcome. I’ll return to a quiet little lurker for a while after this, OK? :wink:

P.S. While I’m out in the open, is Philips1640p (not sure of numbers, the Benq1620 rebadge with lights) not available in US? Because I can’t seem to find out much about pricing, sellers, etc.

I paid $19.99 for a 30 pack of Verbatim Lightscribe disks.

Where at… and what is the MID? :wink: Thanx

Bestbuy. Verbatim 30-pack 52x LightScribe CD-R, $19.99. Dont know the MID.

Who still burns CD-R this days =P

I paid around $30 or or so for my I/OMagic OEM 1620, and it had a EIDE cable, Nero, and some other software too.

You see, brick and mortar stores are good for something after all… :wink: