Pricing has negative impact on high definition product sales

I just posted the article Pricing has negative impact on high definition product sales.

In this
press release from Yahoo!, we can read that now more than ever it seems
consumers are getting hungry for high definition products. The only thing
holding them back is the current…

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Would love to get a HDTV but I want a really nice one and they are very expensive still. The other problem is watching DVD’s is still low def so having the HDTV wouldn’t really increase the quality. I bet when BluRay finally arrives and a couple hundred hi def movies get released then the demand will increase.

They sell upconversion DVD players so you can watch it in Hi Def… Besides, even in its low def, DVD’s are great on an HDTV…
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I was under the impression, that if you have an HDTV you can watch dvd’s in progressive mode which increases the quality a fair bit. but i’m still waiting for the prices to drop more… 1200 for a tv is a bit much… not to mention you have to pay for a hdtv cable box here on top of that.

Progressive scan for DVD changes the display from 480i to 480P.

$1200 is a bit much huh? 2 years back I bought my Sony HD 65" Widescreen for $4000… I wonder what you think of paying that money… Funny thing is, my wife and I dont regret a penny of it… We have made back close to half that amount by not going to the movies and waiting for the flix to make it onto DVD… You figure it costs $30 between the both of us to go out and watch one flick (Tickets popcorn and soda) and we usualy see anywhere between 25 - 30 movies a year… I feel like Im at the movies when I turn on the surrond sound stereo… Makes it a little harder to go back to a smaller set… BTW: I have cable TV and the cable company supplied the HD converter box at no additional fee… That was why I chose to go with cable rather than satellite cause you would have to purchase the HD converter for satellite TV…

“Pricing has negative impact on high definition product sales…” Gee, ya think so?

:c kiss my ass, you are full of bullshit!!!