Pricewise What's The Worst Place To Buy Media?

The worst prices I’ve seen are at Office Depot!

An example of this…

Office Depot
Maxell DVD-+R Pack of 50 $59.99CAN
Maxell CD-R Pack of 50 $39.99CAN

Just down the street at Wal-Mart the same DVD-+R packs were $25.99CAN and the CD-Rs were $19.99CAN. The Wal-Mart prices were well in the range of other stores in my city, except for Office Depot!

Office Depot is damn expensive, unless there is a sale. I often see Maxell media at my local store for 17.99USD for a 50pk of -/+. Maxell CDs are often 7.99 or less per 50pk.
I think Staples is the best with sales (Fuji, Sony, other). If you like Verbatim, Sam’s Club is the place to be. Walmart has great deals on closeouts but the media they stock lately is crap. Target has Imation (MBI) CDs for around $15/100pk on sale, DVD selection is nil.


All retail store in france. Around 70 € for 100 CD.
2€ to 4€ per DVD.

Any “Convenience” store is rediculously overpriced.