Prices of BR media?


can anyone inform me of them please? :slight_smile:

You mean Blu-ray media?

I have no idea about the prices in Lithuania, but in Germany sell Verbatim Blu-ray media at the following prices:

5pc BD-R 2x 25GB: 699 DKK ~ €93 (€18.60 per pc)
5pc BD-RE 2x 25GB: 1249 DKK ~ €167 (€33.40 per pc)

Nierle in Germany sell BD-R media with a price range of €14.99 - €18.99 per pc, and they sell BD-RE media with a price range of €17.99 - €21.99 per pc.


still a tad too expensive for data archiving then.

:eek: comparing cost/GB

Verbatim BD-R 2x 25GB = €0,60/GB
Verbatim DVD+R DL 2,4x = € 0,45/GB
Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x = € 0,66/GB
Verbatim DVD-R DL 4x = € 0,59/GB
Verbatim DVD+/-R 16x = € 0,08/GB
Verbatim CD-R 700MB = € 0,31/GB
Traxdata HD-DVD-R 15GB = € 0,67/GB

I hope the calculations are correct :wink:

“Black Friday” at CompUSA had great deal. $US 9.99 each for Memorex BD-R and $14.99 for BD-RE (also Memorex). I bought a few of the BD-R.

Actually I would only use BD media from Fuji and Sony…

“Actually I would only use BD media from Fuji and Sony…”

The Sony BWU-100a (the drive that cost me $US 330 btw) is a rebadged Panasonic (I’m sure most know this), so in theory the Pana discs would work best. Memorex BD actually have Matsushita codes, but even if they didn’t…going with any MIJ is probably safe. Although I am curious about the Phillips, which come UDF 2.50 formatted. Those are Made in Netherlands.

With the BWU in mind, my preference order is: Pana, Fuji, Sony, then maybe Verbatim.

BD-R media costs about £10 per disc over here in the UK.

In theory so many things shoudl work “best”, but practice shows the opposite.
I’ve seen extensive testings and only the media labelled from SONY and FUJI came out within the allowed specs.

I have no idea, very confusing