Prices of 256GB SSDs to drop below $70 in second half 2015 – 25% price decrease expected



We’ve just posted the following news: Prices of 256GB SSDs to drop below $70 in second half 2015 – 25% price decrease expected[newsimage][/newsimage]

The general manager of SSD manufacturer Apacer, CK Chang, has stated in an interview that prices of 256GB SSDs will drop below $70 in the second half of this year

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Finally ! :clap:
About time they bring down the prices to someting more reasonable,the well known ‘real value for money’ remark will finally get revamped…:wink:


I wonder what the average baseline marginal cost (the amount a producer pays to create an item) for a 128GB SSD is across the industry. I know HDDs - regardless of size - tend to have a baseline cost of around 30 to 40 dollars per unit, which is why you will rarely (if ever) see new HDDs selling so cheap.

I would imagine that the cost of materials to build an HDD would be far higher than an SSD. I would also imagine that the initial infrastructure costs (Fabs) for creating flash would cost far more than the equivalent HDD factories. So my guess would be that SSDs would have a higher initial infrastructure build-out, but a lower cost per until, while the converse is probably true for HDDs.

Does anyone have any data to confirm or deny this speculation?


If they get that low then I’ll have to try one.


You can get a lot of really good one now for less than 100USD, I bought a 256gb M550 for my son for 90buck on a Newegg sale.


there are factors such as where around the world MFG takes place (it was worth nothing that malaysia labor is cheaper than china labor by at least 10%). There are various labor, energy, materials and shipping costs depending upon where the product is made and shipped to… the baseline price mentioned (30 to 40) would be the price per 1tb or single platter at whatever density drive at wholesale… the mfg cost is a mere fraction of that excluding other costs such as shpping and marketing (yes, they have to hock the wares to wholesellers before it can reach a retail chain). few, if any sellers take a loss selling computer equipment (the turnover and pricing cycles are simply NOT aggressive to show)

it would be nice if they would just make multi terabyte  ssds dirt cheap… but that’s not going to happen easily or soon…
IMO, ssd mfg processes are probably already LOWER than hdd mfg processes, except that the R&D costs have been so damn sky high… they want that return on investment yesterday, Â

well, at least this part of tech is innovating… and dropping prices… you can’t say that much for desktop CPU’s or DDR memory or M/B’s, or video cards…
before the end of the decade we’ll probably see $1k video cards trying to be hocked by the likes of nvidia and intel-- maybe they’ll have a reson to as 4k video and broadband sees mass adoption/mainstream access.