Prices of 1620Pro, round the world



Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Hong Kong - US$72 (Retail)

  • would be nice if u can just do a approx. conversion to US$ for easy comparsion :iagree:


Singapore - USD$73 ( SGD 120 ) with free face plate and option to add USD$6 to get BenQ 8x media 10 pc spindle ( new batch )


Canada: ~US$98 retail after MIR or ~US$62 OEM (these are non-pro version tho.)

Taiwan: ~US$71 retail PRO version. (btw. just saw HP 640i 16X DVD Dual LightScribe rebadge benq? for ~US$100… wow!)


Where in Canada can you get the OEM (retail shop)?


About US$75 in Taiwan.


many places, if you life in GTA, check Pacific Mall or College/Spadina theres a whole street of them. Or check to order with shipping.

yo check pchome, they have it for NT$2499 for Pro or the same price for the silver faceplate ones (BenQ OEM).


US…Pacific Digital/BenQ 1620 Beige…$45 after $30 rebate.


UK £38 (OEM version)


91 Canadian shiped to my door.


70-80€ in the Netherlands and Germany, about 10€’s more in Belgium.


There is as low as US70(NT 2300) on the shelf in TW.


OEM version (beige) was £50 (inc VAT and Delivery) for me.


40 pounds OEM or 45 pounds OEM with burning software


US - $59.99 for the 1620Pro after $10 rebate at Micro Center


In Germany at many Onlineshops for around 60 Euro for bulk or retail, in most cases it´s just a difference ~ 2 Euro !
Add 6 to 8 Euro for shipping, so finally about 65 to 70 Euro.

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About 73.36 US$ :

About 65.78 US$ :

Both non pro. From what I’ve read here, pro and non-pro are the same? Aren’t they?


Well… they don’t sell BenQ 1620 in my country (don’t know why)… but you can get Philips 1620 for 75-80 €.


Got my Philips 1640 for 99 euro discounted to 79.



Bulk: 80-84 US$

PRO: 90 US$
(I’m not sure about this one - it says “PRO”, but it says “Bulk” also. The picture shows PRO version, but the same picture is used for Bulk version too. It was ~120$ a month ago… :confused: )

EW162I: 155 US$


It’s a shame that they don’t sell Phillips in HK…
I love the lights…

Looks like the people in Europe has to paid more. Is it the tax??

Wondering what’s the price in Japan… oh, just too lazy to search :stuck_out_tongue: