Prices in London

This week I’ll be in London, I need to know the prices of blank DVD and USB pendrive in UK, to decide about buying something there…
Can anyone help me?
Does anyone know a good store with low prices in London??

Thank you.

If you’re trying to buy blank media in shops in London, that’s not going to be a good idea, because prices are very inflated compared to online or in other countries. I don’t know what it’s like in Italy, but here, expect to pay around £6 for 10 discs (with case), but with no guarantee of quality.

In a very big shop:
5-pack (slim-case) of Panasonic -R 4x Made in Japan (TY) € 9,90; :rolleyes:
10-pack (sllim-case) €18,90 :rolleyes: