Prices for DVDs, electronics about to skyrocket: retail group

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Prices of CDRs and recordable DVDs will be skyrocketing say retailers in Canada. The Canadian Coalition for Fair Digital Access says the music industry is pressing for a boost in the tax levy on CD…

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I can tell you exactly how I feel… About the same way I felt when I got a letter from Revenue Canada (Can. ver. of IRS) telling me they are going to do an audit of my tax’s:( You have to supply your own vaseline & it’s not tax deductable :c

none of those money gone to artists or composers. :frowning: Now I’m a pianist. It made me REALLY REALLY ANGRY!

Ask any tax payer how they feel about taxes. Show me a tax payer and I’ll show someone that’s been fucked.

So if I understand correct, If I store my own pictures on a CDR, the music industry gets money for that? In my dictionary, those people are called thieves and should be punished in a propriate manner (I can think of a few)

In the US I believe the RIAA gets royalty to Music only CD-R’s in you buy PC ones those should not be levied.