Prices fall for CD-rewritable drives

I just posted the article Prices fall for CD-rewritable drives.

CNet reports that CD-RW drives are becoming cheaper and cheaper. While recently some CD-R media manufacturers announced price increasements, the price of CD-RW drives decreases seriously. A cause…

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In March, a 40x Liteon cost €289.8 (roughly $280) in Ireland. By April, they fell to €200 and again in June to €161. I bought a 32x Liteon at that time for €85. Now, the 40x is down to €80 (Roughly $78). That 40x Liteon fell down to less than 1/3 its price in just six months! I wonder if it will go down any further. Anyway, I updated the firmware in my 32x so it now does 40x PCAV (it use to write using Zone-CLV). :slight_smile: