Prices drop on console games due to sagging economy



I just posted the article Prices drop on console games due to sagging economy.

GristyMcFisty and Sundog used our news submit to tell us that in response to a sagging U.S. economy and disappointing sales figures, reduced prices for console…

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Why is it when console games aren’t selling it’s the economies fault but when CD’s aren’t selling it’s file sharer’s.


LOl, good point chsbiking…


At $ 40 goober thats still too pricey considering some of the crap they try to foist off on us…Why is it we don’t see the originators of a genre of game (RPG, Shoot em up etc) in a copywrite battle with the now authors. A programmer coding an RPG today is stealing ideas from a programmer who start writing text adventures eons ago…clearly a breach…:X