Prices and a Query

I have 2 questions.

  1. Why exactly are Yamaha Drives so costly as compared to the other drives. the price is almost twice as the other drives.

  2. A friend of mine says that he is able to use his cdr as a cdrw using some adaptec software. this sounds so stupid. i know thats not possible. any idea what he was trying to tell me cause i do not use Adaptec software.


1 : Yamaha sets its price on its own and i can only guess why. My guess its price is based upon superior reliability compared to other hardware

2 : CDRW’s are made from different material than cdr’s as far as i know. The material used in CD-R’s cannot be changed back into another state once it is set. Consider your friend an idiot unless he proves me otherwise ; Then you both can call me an idiot.

Only thing I can imagine is that your friend uses the CD-R to write data in more than one session, adding files as if it were a floppy disk, rather than teh fact he can erase it and use it all over again.

As for the Yamaha, I can’t comment except by saying that Yamaha is a professional, music oriented company and was one of thefirst to produce a burner for the general public (8 years ago a group of buddies shared an external 2X Yamaha because they were so expensive - approximately $1,200 CDN then).

For your other question, here goes:

You are both right.

Your friend is is right in th sense you can record and “erase” using a CD-R with DirectCD (if your burner supports it).

Of course, you are right because when “erasing” a record no actual erasure happens, even if it appears so to the user; the software simply removes the entries to the “erased” records in the TOC (which is built every time a CD is ejected in DirectCD).

As a side note, it is unfortunate that not all drives support efficient packet writing on CD-Rs: My old Plextor 1210A works flawlessly on CD-Rs using DirectCD wheras my otherwise much fater LiteON 40125S thrashes constatntly doing the same job. It’s too bad because CD-Rs are much more reliable than CD-RWs and we need all the reliability we can get when writing using packet technology, whcih is so much less reliable than regular ISO burning…