Price vs. quality?

OK i’ve done some research and here is my question. The media (CDR) that I want, and seems to be hands down one of the best, is the Mitsui Silver diamond coated discs. They are really really pricey though, like $50 for a 100 spindle. A little out of my price range. Then there are the standard Taiyo Yuden discs, which I hear are great (are they?) which cost very little. And then there are the Prodisc silver diamond coated discs, which are just as cheap as the Yuden discs. I’m not concerned with compatibility. I need longevity. All the research i’ve done shows that Mitsui are the best to go with. Too much $$ though. So should I just go with the TY or these diamond Prodiscs?

any suggestions?

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So should I just go with the TY or these diamond Prodiscs?

Definitely Taiyo Yuden and nothing else.


I’ve used a lot of Prodisc discs in the past (sold here as eProformance), and I must admit they’re as horrible as it gets. About 1/3 Prodisc discs I wrote now have serious reading problems even in the best drives. And I know it’s not my (previous) LG writer - mitsubishi and ritek discs for example work great without any problems in even the most shitties drives.

To be blunt - for me ANYTHING is better than Prodisc.

TY, hands down. Accept no substitutes.