Price on building a good computer



what kind of money did you spend too build your computer? i would like too build my on computer but i know nothing about the thing. i want stuff like a tower,cd burner,mega bits,hard drive memory.dvd,flopy drive, i just don’t want too get over on because when you go in the store in they know you don’t they will burn you for price.


If you get OEM parts you can build a PC under $1000, mines is worth more now but thats how you start. Look for an OEM shop nearest you or shop online. They show good CPU prices on


International price comparison site

It also depends on where you live, stuff seems to be cheaper in the States. Also make sure that everything is compatible with eachother.

What you should keep in mind is:
What do you want to use the computer for
If you walk in a store and they don’t ask you this question in the first 5 minutes, walk out the store, for they are probably only thinking of sales instead of tailoring the PC to your needs… (Used to be a PC salesman for over 4 years and in 9 out of 10 cases this is the first question I ask so I can think of what the customer needs, rather than just selling as much as possible)