Price of CDrs just went up

:frowning: Price of CDrs just went up as they said it would, used to pay 17 francs (Belgium) for Princo 74min 16x and just told they would be going up by at least 10 francs.

Anybody having the same thing?

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

nope but I suggest that you buy larger quantities, should cut back on the prize :slight_smile:

In Finland prizes will higher in summer! But high prizes is not yet but soon… so, I will order much CDr at one time!

Personally I think it is a salesstunt in the summer the firts complete compatible dvd-writers should come out. The price of a dvdr should be 50 Bef. so all the cdrfactories want to boost op the sale spread the news cdr will cost more in the futur. And we all buy a lot of cd’s now, so their stock will be smaller went dvdwriters hit the streets.