Price of BDR discs - evolution?

I’ve been keeping tabs of the prices of BD burners since they came to market, and with the announcement that LiteOn drops theirs to around 500 Euro, they’re starting to inch into the ‘count me in’ zone.

I’ve however not kept as close a watch on the prices of BDR discs, as the only ones I could find in my regular stores were single layer 2x Verbs and Platinums, and prices there seemed to stay the same.

Does anyone have an overview where I can see the price trend of BDR discs? Have they kept pace with the prices of writers (about half the price now, over one year and a half)?

Is it possible to scan BDR discs, or has any drive/software for this been announced?


CD/DVDspeed does

With which drives? All of them?


Newegg has Verbatim BD-r for $10.99. I think it was around $15 or $20 last year. There’s still no dual layer in stock though.

Not all.
LiteOn can scan jitter but no LDC or BIS.
I guess you need DaTARIUS or something similar right now.

There has not been enough time on the market for blue-laser media to evaluate it’s suitability for archival yet so I am not personally ready to begin using it for such purposes until the situation becomes clear. The issue with dust/contaminants on the writing surface is also worrying.

Dust contamination having a mayor influence is a problem. But with the anti scratch coating it should be easy to clean.
The advantage of blu ray is it’s inorganic dye.
However how things will work out can not be predicted. Like suggested by TL0 we need more time to evaluate the aging behaviour.

about price drops:

Smaller stores have dropped a little in price. HOwever the cheap online stores are still selling at the same price that they used to.