Price no object, what is the best hub printable DVD+R



I have a Plextor 716UF and I am looking for the best hub printable DVD+R and where to get them.


What country?


United States.


Probably Verbatim DataLifePlus 94812 8X DVD+R white Inkjet hub printable 50 pack. I’d do a search on for “Verbatim 94812” to see what prices you can get.


You may consider Prodisc, highly recommonded by many people.
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A month ago I would have agreed that the Prodisc was the best thing since sliced bread. That was then, this is now. When I got to the 48th disc in the first cake of 50, they turned to garbage. I have been unable to complete a good burn since. I was using a Lite-on 851 and changed to a Benq 1620. Both made garbage. I used other discs that came out fine. The quality of Prodisc is so hit or miss that I will never buy the product again. There are many that have had similar problems with the brand.

I notice that TY had non-hub printable discs. I think I will give them a try, the only drawback is they are about 70 cents each. But I love my printable discs! I have seen ads for TY hub printables but most people report that they are not hub.