Price fixing scheme leads to jail sentences

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The U.S. Department of Justice today announced executives from LG and Chunghwa Picture Tubes will plead guilty and serve federal jail time in the United States related to a price fixing conspiracy…

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I sincerely hope their gaol terms are fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Since when does the US have any say so over citizens from other countries? If these guys agreed to that, then they’re idiots! And the higher prices probably weren’t criminal but clueless. Unless they’re here already. Who are going to go after for that $600 ashtray? Somebody has to PAY!!!

Never heard of criminal stupidity? :slight_smile:

Hell our prisons are full of foreigners, especially illegal immigrants - this is a big problem over here. It makes no difference who you are or where you are from if you do a crime over here and are not a rich white man - you go to jail.

Apple has been a major company that STICKLY practices “Price Fixing” policy on all their products for years… I don’t see the anyone sayiong or doing anything about it?! Apple would cut off the product supply to any merchant that does not adhere to Apple’s strick pricing guideline… Why no problem for Apple?!

Because Apple did not collude with anyone else. This is not “price fixing”; they do have the right to set their own pricing on their products and make outlets follow their terms to gain the right to sell those products; of course, if their prices get out of line, consumers will buy less of their product.

It’s only when different companies get together and fix prices, thus working to minimize consumer options.