Price drop on TYG02 hub printables...?

I don’t remember them being that low the last time I checked Rima, which wasn’t that long ago at all.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all. The regular TY DVD-R have dropped about $8 per 100 in just the last couple of months.

Here’s hoping the price drops further so i can avoid getting those finger print magnet TY02 in thermal silver…

how much are they charging for shipping?? Thats a tempting price even I have over 300 inkjet printables verbatim left and 400 TY non-printable. But I heard that the TY printing surface is a bit coarse comparing to other inkjet printable DVD brands, and the maxell injket printable at Walmarts are TY and the printing surface is pretty rough.

The question is:

When will the +R come down in price

For an injket printable TY, thats rock bottom. And the -R TY is as good as +R TY unless your burner is anti- -R