Price drop on LireOn 40125S from $ 269.00 to $ 189.00 here in AU, time to buy?

Been looking for a replacement burner for a while, LiteOn seems to be the flavour of the month.

So question is, time to buy, or do I wait for all the firmware upgrading to settle or?

As mentioned, here in Australia, last week the 40125S
was $ 269.00, now this week it’s $ 189.00, so something must be happening very soon.

I really would like the W model with P-CAV and Mt.Rainier support from the day 1, but if it can be upgraded to P-CAV from Z-CAV and Mt.Rainier added later without any problems, might grab one now at that price.

I am suspicious though with all this firmware upgrading of old drives, HP and Philips’ DVD+R story comes to mind.


Where did you see that (hot!) price?