Price drop on Intel Wolfdale processors E8500 & E8400 at Newegg & Microcenter



Newegg has dropped it’s prices on the Intel Wolfdale processors e8500 & e8400 processors.

The e8500 is now $209.99

The e8400 is $179.99

I also saw the e8400 at for $159.99 in store pickup only. Too bad there isn’t microcenter in Hawaii. :frowning:

I paid $210.00 for my e8400 a few months ago. :frowning:


Thanks for posting! I almost pulled the cord on one of those 8400’s last month, but I think I am going to microcenter tomorrow… just cause.


i just got me a e8400 for that price too


:clap: :)That’s cool that both of you are able to get the e8400 at that cheap price. It’s a great cpu to overclock but beware some have reported the newer e8400’s don’t overclock as well as the first one’s that were sold in the beginning of this year. I have mine overclocked to 3.80ghz.