Price cuts expected for Blu-ray & HD DVD players

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For those holding back for HD players to tumble in price, it looks like there is potential for a price war to start between Toshiba and Sony with both expecting to launch lower cost players over…

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When I saw the HD-DVD was going for $299 a couple of weeks ago I checked Sony’s website and they had a rebate going on as well. With $200 discount, the blu-ray player was $799. 299…vs 799 …'nuff said! Not to mention $70 tax on the $500 difference where I live. Money that could be spent on 15 or more HD movies !
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When they get to $299 in my country I may jump in. Until then I’ll fence sit…

I want HD DVD to win. HOWEVER, if someone would come out with an x264 player then I’d jump on that. DRM-free is always welcome in the House of Duke. :slight_smile:

What about High Definition TV’s ? If the price of these displays doesn’t fall then what’s the point of buying a cheap HD DVD player ? This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks affecting the adoption of both HD DVD and Blu-ray.
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The price of high definition tv’s has been falling fast. Where have you been BitRate?

Yeah, I’m now considering getting one. I think you can get a decent 42" LCD/Plasma for $1,000 USD.