Price Comparison BenQ 1620 + LG GSA 4163B

Looking for new writer.

I can get BenQ 1620 Pro for US $102 , LG GSA 4163B for US $120.

I called a reseller here in good old South Africa he says BenQ not very good but what I read here on Cdfreaks sounds like BenQ is the way to go.The LG offering sounds good to.

The price is high but I’m sick of my BTC 1016.

What should I do.

Or maybe just wait for BenQ 1640 ?

NEC 3520 would be my first choice. But after that, I would go with the LG. It provides burns as good as my NEC and doesn’t have some of the early death problems that some BenQ users have reported.

Based on the availability for you I would get the BenQ.

Have you owned a BenQ?

As with any hardware at a forum like this you will hear the good, bad and the ugly

I own BenQ1620…got them very cheap and for the price they are great

I personally think the Nec35xx( some report the 3500 is better than 3520…I have no experience…is this true ?? media compatibilty), LG burner, Benq are all good choices

I would go with the cheapest of those availabe to you and where you can get the best CS…since the prices for you are higher than in the US(Nec, Benq go for $50 or less with some sales…not sure on LG)

For me not sure the RMA is worth it if the $40-50 drive dies by the time shipping and time is added in…@$100+ different story