Price changed after order submitted

I just purchased Nero Linux from the Nero website. When purchasing online, I always print every page to a PDF file.

The price shown throughout the order process was $24.99 until I submitted my credit card number and accepted the order, and the amount charged to my credit card was $29.98. This higher price reflected an extended download service. I was never asked if I wanted this service, and I did not agree to purchase it.

I went back and reviewed every page, and I was never given a chance to deselect the extended download service. It’s only $5.00, but it’s a bit dishonest to state one price on the order page and to then charge a higher price once the customer has accepted the order. Did anyone else pay this charge?

What the heck is an extended download service?

I’d also like to know why mathf, after it was asked twice, did not tell us that a Nero 7 key would not work with NeroLinux 3. It appeared he was ignoring the question.

Have a good day, everyone.

I was a bit curious and reviewed the process by which I ordered Nero Linux 3.0 on the Nero web site. The individual pages and the information requested/provided on each page are:

NERO SHOP - MY ACCOUNT. The customer inputs name, address, and other pertinent information. This page shows “your shopping cart” with Nero Linux 3 and a price of $24.99.

NERO SHOP - ADDRESS DETAILS. This page shows the address and other customer information from the previous page. It also shows “your shopping cart” with Nero Linux 3 and a price of $24.99.

NERO SHOP - PAYMENT. The customer selects a payment option on this page. I selected a credit card.

NERO SHOP - PAYMENT. The customer inputs his credit card information at this point. Although I didn’t notice it at the time, this page does contain the statement: “Please pay now: $29.98.” The only option shown on this page is a red button labeled “pay now.”

NERO SHOP - PAYMENT. This page contains the statement “this page will forward you to your card issuing bank for identification.” The only option is continue.

NERO SHOP - ORDER SUCCESSFUL. This page states that “your order is now confirmed.” For the first time, the customer is notified that he/she is paying for an “extended download service” at a cost of $4.99 in addition to the $24.99 price of Nero Linux.

So, perhaps everyone has to purchase the extended download service. There doesn’t appear to be any way to avoid it.

I noticed that one of the above web pages indicated that the purchase transaction was being handled by payment provider, Bibit. Perhaps at some future point Nero Linux will be available from other retailers that are more straightforward in the ordering process.

Send an email to their customer sales support,

I was able to get my 5$ back by telling them I would do a charge back via my credit card company if they didn’t comply.

That kind of sale tactic is plainly dishonest to me… they change the price without details at the last minute. And hey, we can burn CDs for much less than the 5$ asked!

Instead of assuming that it was dishonest…it might have been a careless web design mistake. I would tend to think that it was an error and they will correct it. I don’t think that they would intentionally deceive because the consequences are pretty steep for that no-a-days…


Nero has always been a customer-friendly company, and I agree that this problem was almost certainly a mistake rather than intentional dishonesty. It appears that there is a missing web page in the purchase process where the customer is notified of and given the opportunity to choose or decline the extended-download option. I have notified BiBit of this issue, as has MarioT, and I’m sure that the web site will be fixed and refunds made in the upcoming week.


I received an email from asknet (Bibit). They are crediting my credit card $4.99 for the extended download option.

I also checked the Nero Linux purchase site, and customers can now purchase Nero Linux for $24.99 without the extended download option.

So, all appears well.

Really? Where, how? I just tried (and before searching the forums for this very topic) and it changed the price on me, to $29.98 – so I cancelled the transaction rather than continuing.

I went through the order process to the point where I had to input my credit card information, and the price at that point was $24.99. I didn’t need a second copy of Nero Linux, so I did not proceed. I assumed (apparently incorrectly) that the price would remain $24.99. It’s unfortunate that this issue hasn’t been fixed.