Previous versions setup files?

first please forgive me if this has been covered before but i did search several times[maybe i did not use the correct terms] but my question is this:
i still have all the “setup anydvd xxxxx” previous versions on my desktop [ and the clonedvd ones also] there is a lot of drive space used it seems. to gain drive space back should i delete ALL the anydvd [and clonedvd]; then reinstall from scratch and unlock with the keys? am i doing something wrong when i up date? the program works very well, no problems i just want some drive space freed up. thanks for any assistance!! :bow:

i also have a lot of them,

you can delete them all if you want if your needing some space back, but i’d keep a copy of the latest versions, if you feel the need to keep them, why not burn them to a cd-r

some ppl like haveing the older versions, just as a back up, but there not needed.

delete them all except latest and burn them to cd
in case ss goes down you have the latest setup files

Don’t forget to back up your anydvd key as well if you have not already done so.

I deleate them all except for the latest (obviosly) and second to latest. Incase there is a problem with the latest version.