Previous updates for nero



how can i get or find older updates for nero? the newer updates are terrible. the updates before the two new ones that came out worked great. but i don’t know how i can get them. will someone help me out?


I just Googled “Old Nero Versions” & came up with this Old Versions

I don’t know if they can be trusted or not, so download at your own risk.
Also, I still have some of the old .exe files on my computer. Maybe someone can help me out here as to the best way that I could get them to you. If you would trust me to send them to you. :smiley:


you could look around in the FTPs… for one…


You can try emule or edonkey, but don’t get the ones with cracks. Do a search for the original file names, like “nero6606.exe” or " nve30127.exe".



First post here… Ello everyone…

I found a copy of nve30127 here:-

I cant vouch for it but they look as if they keep a lot of Nero stuff there…


That does have quite a bit itsmee, but the link should be


Oops yeah soz, what I posted should have had an http:// in front of it, then it works :slight_smile:

Like you I also went in via ftp though :smiley:

Thanks for correcting :stuck_out_tongue:


Now, how exactly did you guys find that & what exactly are we looking at there. Great find BTW. Is it a page from a website or what?



I just done a Google on “nve30127.exe”, and there it was :smiley:

Not too sure what it is, a collection of mirrors by the look, the FTP login is in Polish, not too hot on that unfortunatly, some say I have enough trouble with English !! :wink: