Previous sessions missing while burnt using Nero 6.0.3



I have burnt my DVD using Nero 6.0.3 with three sessions and did a “finish disk” for the third session.During this third session [COLOR=“Red”]“unfortunately” i have added my files to a folder which was already present in the second session.No error was thorwn after the disk was burnt.

Now using windows explorer i can see only the first session.Files/Directories of both second as well as third session is missing.:bow:
Please tell me how to retrieve those directories/files.



[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”]Hi all,
Since i have found myself the solution for this problem,just posting it in case somebody needs info. :slight_smile:

I have used a software named “Isobuster”.Using this software u could easily see the contents of disc and extract whatever ‘seems’ to be lost in any of the session.(Each session will be shown in form of tracks).Only disadvantage is that u wont get the whole filname of all files.Only initial 4-5 charaters are displayed in CAPS.
Thank god i got my files back .Hope this info useful for someone.