Previous movies appearing in the next copy?

Hi I’m using CloneDvD2 2898 and AnyDvD 5960 and just recently it seems every copy I make has a small (about 1 sec ) of movie from some previous copy when I play it back on my dvd player. I’ve been making sure that the temp file folder is empty but it’s still happening anyone have any Ideas on why this is happening ?

it’s possible that it’s your player itself that is doing this. and not the backup software. clonedvd2 cannot put something on a disc that isn’t in the files that you’ve specified for it to burn.

my guess is that for some reason your dvd player or tv and holding onto a clip. is the clip from the previous movie that shows up always the FIRST thing you see before you get into the new dvd that you’ve just burned?

is the clip generally from where you left off watching the previous movie?

i’ve never experienced this on dvd, but i used a dv-cam player at school that kept the last frame it played visible until the next tape was inserted. i walked into the lab to do a project once and got a funny scene ofa classmate and his girlfriend in an uncompromising position. apparently he was viewing/editing his “home movies” in the school labs and was unaware of the frame holdover haha.

No I don’t think so the last copy I made was from a training DVD from my wifes work and I haven’t played that on my DVD player so it has to be coming from the copying process on my computer I’ve also had this problem in a couple of previous backups

next time you make a copy, be sure that “delete temporary files when done” is UNCHECKED. this will leave the temp files in the clonedvd2 temp folder. these are the files that are written to the dvd. (or simply select output method to files or image instead of to disc if you don’t want to waste a disc)

view the video from these files with whatever you use to view dvds on your computer. VLC will play them back just fine. let us know if you ge tthe same problem when viewing the files from your hard drive.

I have the last backup still on the hard drive and and after playing the sections that are faulty ( I used Nero media player) on the DvD disk they are not showing up in the vob files so it must be when the movie is being burned that it some how gets on the disk ( i use CloneDvD to burn it ) But where its getting them from I don’t know (when I make a backup I create a different directory in case I need to burn it again.

those files that you’re looking at are the EXACT files that are burned to disc.

if you play back one of the affected backups (burned dvds) in your computer do you also get leftover frames from a previous backup?

i’m stumped dude. hopefully someone else will have a clue…

Yes it is on the burned disk I’ll check tomorrow to see if anyone else has had this prob thanks

Also make sure after you do a few dvd back-ups clean out the whole pc from temp files and defrag sounds like there is a little confusion in the burning process. Just an ideal.

This has happened before, and there were indeed parts of other movies on the users burned DVD. I can’t remember what was causing it, but it would not hurt to defrag your hard drive.

You could try CCleaner, I find it works great for removing left over temp files that clog up my rig.

Maybe there is something in memory if you do one right after the other. You could try shutting down or rebooting between discs, though this shouldn’t be necessary.