Preview Problems

I am having problems with two movies that seem like they should be quite simple for Fab to backup. They both appear to have few protections incorporated on the disc based on the info screen.

The first is Without a Paddle. I am using main movie mode. The preview window will only preview about half to 3 quarters of the chapters. This happens with pathplayer enabled or disabled. I figured it was a fluke so I continued with the rip. Upon trying to play the Video_TS files from the hdd I discovered that some chapters would only play about 1-2 seconds and then loop back to the very beginning of the movie.

The second is 2006 King Kong. This one will only preview 30 out of 51 chapters with pathplayer enabled or disabled. I did not want to waste time and rip the movie based on the above experience.

Both of these movies will play fine on the same drive I am using for Fab with Windows Media Player (Codec Pack installed).

I was using version 5085 but then upgraded to 5088 with the same result.

Thanks for the help!

Others have reported this too but I have not seen it in the 4 or 5 I have done with I backed up Kong 06 long ago and don’t have a copy of Without a Paddle. Since others are seeing this I’m sure the developers will look into it ASAP. With either of the problem discs open in DVDFab, click on the Send IFO button on the info screen. Fast easy way to get the word to them along with the info they will need to try and duplicate the problem.

Should I rip it first and then send the ifo, or send it directly after Fab decodes the disc?


Send it after DVDFab reads the original disc with PathPlayer “Always Enabled”.