Preview error in AllTunes

Please help!

Whenever I try to preview any song, I get the following error:

FSOUND_Stream_Open error: Unknown file format

The software had worked fine before, but I recently reinstalled XP. I thought I was missing a coden or something, but XP and Media Player 10 are both up to date. I have all the same software installed as before.

i have been having the same problem. I think there is something wrong with the site. when going to the actual allofmp3 website you can’t preview either says “technical difficulty”. Hopefully this problem will be elleviated soon. I love alltunes.

I’m geting the same message, but not on all tracks :doh:

OK – maybe it’s the site. Hope they get it resolved soon. I love AllofMP3. Best thing since the original Napster.

Well, AllTunes has been returning the same error for a couple days now:

FSOUND_Stream_Open error: Unknown file format

Which tells you a lot, doesn’t it? Head over to ALLofMP3 and try a preview there, you will get:

Warning! Currently preview for this track is not available due to technical problems. Please check back later.

What had me totally freaked out was that I had coincidentally reinstalled Windows and all my software just before this started happening. I thought I had left out some codec or something that would be nearly impossible to nail down.

Why get so worked up in the first place? Because I just discovered ALLofMP3 and AllTunes a few days ago. It’s an amazing service. And when you read how much effort the record industry and Microsoft are putting into restricting fair use of audio CDs, you want to get the most out of something like AllTunes while you still can.

They have been up dating their site for about 48 hours…Hopefully will be back up and running soon!

No need to uninstall and reinstall…They will be back up and running soon.