Preview continues playing, slowing extraction

With the switch to the Qt versions, I noticed that the preview didn’t start automatically like it used to; I had to click the Play button to see what I was about to rip.

I tried changing the automatic play of video preview in settings, but it hasn’t worked.

When trying to rip DVD main movie, the preview screen minimizes, but I can still hear the audio playing in the background. This causes extraction to crawl at around 0.3 MB/s or less.

I’ve turned the automatic preview off again, but I shouldn’t have to. I want the software to work the way it used to, starting the preview automatically and turning the preview off completely during extraction.

Please advise.

I’m encountering additional Preview glitches. First, when opening a DVD with multiple videos (a TV series), Preview often locks on the first video and refuses to switch to the other videos when they’re selected. Second, when DVDFab finishes and is closed, a piece of the Preview window remains onscreen.