Preventing to Enter in the Forum...very annoying pop-up Advertisemnet in the CDfreaks

Hi …there is a big problem to enter in the Forum of CD-freak. I am trying one hour to get into the Forum. But there is a pop-up Advertisement menu(with picture of Ainestine) just over the fourm menu of the Web page. I was trying to enter but it doesnt allow me click to get into the Forum. Very annoyed situation.

What browser are you using ?
Did you try to reload the page ?
You can also use the direct link to the forums.

i m using Great!:a! internet Explorer Free:d version came with Windows XP home…lol

He’s not the only one with this problem.

Using IE 6 SP1 (latest patches) the banner advertisement at the top of the main page does not allow the Forum menu to show through. It appears that they set the ad banner to display “Always On Top”.

The only solution I have is that if you mouse over the Forums menu, you can still (just barely) click on the General Forums link.

Now that you’re in make sure to bookmark it.:smiley:

Use Google toolbar with its free pop up killer.

Pop up stopppers do not work in this case because it’s not a seperate pop up window. It’s the banner at the top of the page and covers the drop down menu’s. (ie the drop down menu’s go behind the banner isntead of in front)

I’ve had the same problem, but since I come directly here I haven’t worried about it.

As it could potentially reduce trafic flow though it is a bad thing. :sad:

The top banner is filled with plain white color here.
I’m using 12ghosts popupkiller but this shouldn’t kill banners. Atleast it doesn’t do it on other sites.

This minor problem is very annoying.

You got to put the pull down menu prior to the top banner.


Now i come by another way to the Forum. I click on the Forum Top Topics just on the leftside of the Webpage!!!. I guess many pepole facing same probs like me, I hope the Webpage administrator will take the action against this little annoying problem:D. Many new comers of the Forum would leave the forums and will have trouble to enter in the Forum if it is continue. I love to discuss all the problems here in the CD-Freaks becasue it is a Great site for the DVD-CD backup. :iagree:

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
Thanks for the information and welcome to our forum Rare_Solid. We are aware of the problem and people are working on it, as you can read in this thread. Hopefully we can fix it soon! For now I will close this thread to maintain a clear bug forum.

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