Preventing coping of my Dvds

HI every one, can any one help me to stop coping of my-dvd or my mpeg files. My friends should be able to watch my dvd, but should not be able to make copy of it or store on there computer(edit the content) . thanks

Well, the question is not a usual one. Try the Copy Protection Forum, that’s my suggestion.

Anyway, if someone is a friend - normally - you can trust the person. If you don’t trust a person - normally - you don’t call him a friend. offers CD/DVD-R protection but they’ll charge you per disc and they won’t add protection to IP you don’t own (i.e. backups) you’ll need to sign a rights owner form.

As for a freebie app, you can try free 30 day trial

If you are trying to protect IP that you don’t own it is pretty silly