Preventing coasters

hi there,
I was wondering if there’s any good freeware/shareware out there that will allow me to check whether or not my blank DVD-r disks will end up being coasters BEFORE I burn them???

I’m using datasafe 4x dvd-r g04 disks with about an 85% success rate

It’s just so irritating waiting an hour to burn a disk (I have an old 1x toshiba sdr6012) burner, only to find out it doesn’t work properly. Any ideas people??


It sounds like your problem is not one that a simulation will find.

To be honest, it sounds like a new drive may be the correct answer. It could be that your old 1x drive hasn’t got the correct write strategies for 4x and faster media. Things might get better if you can track down a firmware upgrade, but the cost of a DVD writer is coming down all the time.


I only purchased the drive for my laptop before christmas and have only burned 80-100 disks in total so i’m not about to buy another one!! :stuck_out_tongue:

my firmware is updated to the correct version as well (version 1034)

If there isn’t software that can check media, can’t one of you clever software people out there create one for us??? :slight_smile: