Preventing CD Burning

Hi, I share my PC with a group of people and i dont want them using my writer day in and out… Can i somehow disable CD burning in my writer without affecting the reading ability of the drive. I know the gpedit.msc way, but that does not prevent CD Burning through third-party software… Help will be much appreciated…

Well first what kinda drive is the burner and what software are the people using to burn windows or another program? And how do you mean share your computer with other people? Have you gone through the properties of the burner and disabled the check for allowing burning on the drive? Don’t the other users there have their own computer access? Also what are they burning that concerns them using your computer?

The best way to do that it is to install a Operating System that aloow you to administrate your machine and users - certainly not XP home or similar.
If you use win2000pro or XP Pro you can create user accounts and limit what they can do or not do in the machine.
If it seems too expensive, go to Linux and you can do it all for free and much saffer.

Let them use it, your burner can take it. Just hide your blank CDs. :wink:

I use Windows XP Pro and I do have a knowledge of limited user accounts. The problem is that I need to keep my administrator account running 24X7 with my torrents on (Legal non-copyrighted stuff off-course); If i ask others to use another account after logging off mine, the torrents stop. I was thinking of someway to disable Burning by playing with the drivers or something like that. I have also heard abt Resource Hacker. But I dont really know much about it.

The best way would be by hiding the burning software. :slight_smile:
Resource Hacker? Don’t bother with it, it’s a tool aimed at software developers and may not be the best software for this…

Well don’t the other people who use your computer have their own computers? They aren’t that expensive nowdays?

What I’d probably do, assuming there isn’t a way around this to suit your needs, would be to use an external burner, not an internal one, and unplug it and hide it when you’re not using the PC :slight_smile:

TehGrue has a point though - why not just make sure there are no blank discs in the vicinity? :wink: