Prevent print, copy, edit, save as, etc

I hope one of you knowledge people will be able to help me. A woman at work created a CD of .mpg files - - they are audio and video. I have been able to play them using Power DVD and Media Player - - no problems. She wants the CD/files to be viewable only - - no print, no copy, no edit, no save as, no select all, etc. etc. etc., just view. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Should it be done at the file level or the CD level? Another department at work has a machine that mass produces CDs but they didn’t seem to know how to do this either. Everyone is counting on me and I think I’m in way over my head. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’d say jou just can’t do that : if the files can be read, then everyone can copy them to their hard disk, edit them, take screenshots…

Your only hope in this case would be DRM, but it doesn’t work with MPEG files, only with proprietary formats (WMA/WMV, AAC, etc…) which may not be readable everywhere.

That is a very hard question to ask, as CDs weren’t meant to be like this. To be honest I wouldn’t think this would be possible.

docdocdoc9 and $CyBeRwIz$, thank you for the responses. docdocdoc9, what is DRM? I think we can convert the .mpg to .wma and I think wma can be read by Media Player. What do you think - - would this be possible?

DRM - Digital Rights Management (or “Digital Restrictions Management”, as some would say). Any search engine will give you thousands of results for it.

However i don’t know of any software that allows normal people to add drm to files and manage what can be done and what cannot.