Prevent DVD Shrink 3.2 from splitting ISO files?

I just got around to installing the new version of DVDshrink and I found that is splits the ISO files. I am running XP on a FAT32. Any way to get around this? WIll downgrading be my best bet?


splitting the iso is the only thing you can do on a fat32 partition unless you decide to make your iso smaller than 4gb. are you having some kind of “problem” with the iso splitting?

I’m just not familiar with this image splitting, when I was running on an NTFS (prior to my MoBO giving out), I had no problem and now that I installed XP on FAT32 part, I’m not familiar how to burn an image using DVD Shrink and Nero.

Can you help?

Select the “burn to harddisc folder” from the target options. Nero should automatically pick up and burn the file once Shrink is finished. If you have Recordnow Max or the latest Prassi ONES, then that would probably be the best option on a FAT32 system. Select the output as a blank folder labeled VIDEO_TS. Just make the new VIDEO_TS folder in an area that would be easily accessable for opening up with DVD Shrink (ie put it in “My Documents”). Once it is done it will put a bunch of VOB, ect. files into the VIDEO_TS folder, all of which are individually well under the FAT32 size limit, then select the data mode in Recordnow Max or Prassi ONES and select the VIDEO_TS folder and burn it to disc. I believe that Nero has a similar mode to the data mode in RNM or Prassi ONES.