Prevent auto-play and windows pop-up message on cd or dvd insert

Ok, I have a question that I hope can get answered and that I am posting in the correct spot:

Ok, you know when you insert a cd or dvd and it will either initiate windows to start an ‘auto-play’ or else a pop-up window will show up asking you “what do you want windows to do?” and give the list of options…

Anyway, I can’t say how much I HATE both of these functions!! I have tried selecting the “take no action” button but it never lasts; the window keeps poping up again.

All I want is to insert my cd or dvd and leave it at that. I use windows explorer for everything… transfering my files from camera, ipod, etc… and when I have placed data or video files onto a dvd I would just like to be able to avoid canceling all the “user friendly” crap that comes with windows. All the wizards and “camera-friendly” software annoy me to no end.

So, does anyone know how to stop all the windows auto-play and pop-up crap?

I am going to put linux back on my other PC and use it primarily I think. Windows is such a pain when you understand how a computer works and how to use it properly.


Thanks everyone! Sorry for ranting a bit.

To do what you want to do you will have to disable it using the Registry Editor

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Try this method. Go to start button, select “Run” and type [B]gpedit.msc[/B]

Here browse the tree on the left to search the following:

Computer Configuration --> Administrative templates --> System.

Search for [B]Turn off Autoplay[/B]. Right click and select [B]Properties[/B] and change this option in [B]Enabled[/B].

Do the same thing in User congifuration --> Administrative templates --> System

This should solve :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the quick reply!

There is a lot of fun stuff to play with in the group policy!

Learn something new everyday.

Thank you so much.

I haven’t tried it yet but do you know if enabling the prevent autoplay also will eliminate the pop-up window asking what you want windows to do?

I’ll try it and post if it eliminated both.

Thanks again,

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That’s terrible advice. It’s not necessary at all to do that.

Geno suggests one way to do it.

The best way I find is to get Microsoft’s TweakUI which is part of Powertoys.

It allows for numerous tweaks to be done very safely, obviously including disabling AutoPlay.

sorry for the bad advice


Well, gpedit is only available on XP Pro or W2k. XP Home users are lost, they have to edit the registry directly.

The best way I find is to get Microsoft’s TweakUI which is part of Powertoys.
:disagree: It will work for accounts with administrative permissions only. No chance to disable autorun for restricted users :frowning: And having less permissions is a good idea in these days, where “DRM enhancing software” and similar crap is automatically installed after inserting a music CD or video DVD :Z


That is why I said what I said
because that is how I have to do it, so I thought that is how it’s done

I’ve always had full admin rights on my systems and using pro versions so I’ve always been able to do it the way I suggested.

Didn’t know that without admin rights this wouldn’t work so that’s why I made my suggestion. Guess we’ve all learned something from our new moderator. Thanks Michael.

You can use Autoplay Repair to turn off autoplay too.